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Creative Executive | Writer | Director |Fine Art Photographer

Since 2007, Catherine has led Eikosphere.LLC – delivering development strategies, communications, interactive experiences, visual exhibitions & galleries, as well, short promotional films on social, environmental issues for world leaders in business and government committed to the UN Global Goals. She promotes the human+nature connection and healthy living through her work with Natural Intelligence and other health and wellness clients. Catherine has travelled, wrote, photographed in 67 countries; interviewed 100’s of thought leaders on our Positive Future for Eikosphere’s creative, strategic, media projects and Nature’s Reflection Photography (since 2004).

In 2015, she refreshed Nature’s Reflection Photography Gallery, re-launching a Limited Edition of 200 Images with Fine Art Imaging and Reed Photo to bring nature’s reflection in to people’s homes, lives, and workplaces. She recently taught masters courses in sustainability and corporate communications at Arizona State University as well, Environmental Science and Global Sustainability at Chapman University. Catherine earned a PhD in Ecology; studying climate impacts on mountains at ETHZ, Switzerland. Before ETHZ she taught biology, ecology, environmental science at Denver State College and worked as an Ecologist for Boulder, Colorado. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MS from Utah State in Ecology. She is an avid yoga practitioner, ski mountaineer, alpinist, cyclist … and happy soul on a quest to find and awaken natural intelligence in our world!

Fine Art Photographer
Creative Executive
Writer |Director

We can realize the World We Visualize.

Catherine Cunningham
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Artist Statement

Nature’s Reflection Photography is committed to reflecting back to humanity the dimensionless beauty of the natural world and her secrets for overcoming the threats we impose on the biosphere through unsolicited, unrelenting, and partly unconscious global environmental change in the 21st C. I photograph the wild earth in order to ensure that the dance of light and life continues unabated and that the source of humanity’s sustenance, peace, and survival is preserved and revered for future generations.

My photographs are my attempts to capture– yet never hold captive the tension between light and shadow, the dance of weather across time, and the vibration of the living landscape in a single, unique moment. It is truly awesome to witness form, mood, energy, and color blend together into timeless art that imprints the ephemeral reality of the earth onto paper, metal, canvas.

I believe that the work of a committed photographer is to quiet the human ego and to open free channels of authentic communication with nature. Only then will nature’s intrinsic beauty and immense power be reflected back into the camera. Only then will images go beyond communicating the relationship of the artist to the land and begin to also express the relationship of the land to the artist. Only then, the voiceless reflection of nature in the biosphere and on humanity’s right place in it, will be authentically felt. 

And so, my vision with my photography is that you will be reminded by the miracle of your own existence and inspired to guard the ecological integrity of the natural world– Our Unique Earthly Home, when surrounded by Nature’s Reflection in your world, home, office.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece!” John Rushkin