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Aims to create visual experiences in our Human Spaces that inspire us to be happy, healthy, and whole- to connect to our true Human+Nature
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Fine Art Photography

Of nature, wildlife, culture, travel from around the World in 65 countries

Limited Edition Prints

Of the artist’s most popular, top-selling prints in special limited editions, sold only etched on aluminum, painted on canvas, and printed on bamboo (12 prints per image/size/medium)

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An opportunity to explore a variety of creative themes, looks, tones, designs in your place to evoke the true spirit, desired energy, and unique healthy, happy, and whole value you aim to bring to your space.
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Reflect the Best of Our Human + Nature In Inspiring Visual Art


Designing Human Spaces with Natural Intelligence

Our health, happiness, productivity, creativity, peace, and wellbeing are enhanced by the quality of our lifestyles and the quality of our human spaces- the great indoors, where we spend most of our time. As we are strongly visual creatures and in our most natural state—hypersensitive human beings in tune with nature’s rhythms, daily routines, and seasonal patterns; it only makes sense that when we reinforce natural themes and cycles in our HOME; we feel a greater sense of health and wellbeing.

Let Nature’s Reflection Fine Art Photography Help You Bring Nature-Inspired Art and New Life to Your HOME.

Creating a corporate environment that reflects the values, vision, brand, and service of the company, while cultivating a culture of mutual respect and creative collaboration results in higher quality work, greater productivity (up to 35% more) greater job satisfaction, increased loyalty, higher recruitment value, longer employee retention, greater health and well-being that ultimately delivers higher integrated bottom line returns for a company.

Let Nature’s Reflection Fine Art Photography Help You Reflect and Reinforce your Healthy Corporate Culture in the OFFICE.

Obesity, diabetics, stress, fatigue, depression, and other health-related epidemics are still globally on the rise. Most people do not take time out of their busy lives to increase natural resilience to environmental health stressors or to participate in wellness activities. Instead, most people work more, carry more stress, and  recreate little. They spend more time consuming negative media-news, networking on their smart devices, shopping and socializing rather than positively regenerating their minds, bodies, and spirits. Not only does integrating nature-inspired visual imagery into a healthcare facility’s common spaces uplift spirits of co-workers, patients, clients, and their families; but it sends a positive message to everyone in the community that the healthcare organization cares about the environment within which clients, customers, and co-workers alike spend a great deal of their time. 

Let Nature’s Reflection Fine Art Photography Help You inspire your HEALTHCARE community to thrive, so they have the energy and vitality to respond effectively and efficiently to life-work’s pressing challenges.

Many boutique, luxury, and lifestyle hotels design their spaces in harmony with the natural surroundings for good reason. The health and wellbeing of the people in the resort space is directly correlated to the health and natural ‘biophilic shell’ of the space. So, aware of the relaxing, healing, positive attributes of nature in their resort environments, resort owners are beginning to design more human+ nature connected experiences and innovative nature-inspired environments into their guest experiences. Creating a Visual Connection with Nature is the most compelling, direct, and deliberate way in which a resort can enhance the guest’s naturally intelligent sense of place and recalibrate their personal natural compass.

Let Nature’s Reflection Fine Art Photography Help You Enhance your Naturally Intelligent Guest Experience in your RESORT

Positive Benefits of Nature’s Reflection in Your Human Space

Amount of Time We Spend Indoors


Number of Stress-Related Doctor Visits


Workers are Happier in Bright Offices with Natural Elements


Workers are More Productive in Offices with Natural Elements


Workers Say Office Environment Plays Key Role in Company Choice


Presence of Global Wellness in Tourism Market

Human Spaces Global Reports
Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace (2015)
Biophilic Design in Hospitality (2017)
Powerful Vision
We aim to reflect back the dimensionless beauty of the natural world in our visual art, in order to evoke the greatest attributes of human+nature and reinforce positive mental attitude, inspire health, and give hope for greater wellness.
Highest Quality Delivery
We work with a top gallery art team and latest innovation and technology in material’s design to deliver you the highest quality limited edition print- etched into aluminum, painted onto canvass, or printed into bamboo paper at the greatest value.
Transformative Impact
We aspire to curate a special selection of our nature-inspired images in your Human Space in order to reinforce and encourage your greater health and wellbeing; as well, to inspire you to live your life as you optimally imagine with passion and purpose.

” Personal health and wellness are the cornerstones for living a happy life. Healthy, well people develop positive relationships, enrich society, value their world, and create a thriving global economy. “

Catherine Cunningham, PhD
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