Over 70
years of experience
Afsal Solicitors in London is a law firm that was founded in 1935 by Afsal, a man with a strong sense.
Our awards
and certificates
Afsal Solicitors is committed to becoming the largest and most trusted provider of personal legal services in the UK.
Across UK
Afsal Solicitors now operates in approximately 75 locations across UK, more than any other law.

Afsal Solicitors is a leading UK full service law firm.

We provide all of our clients with cost effective, industry leading legal advice. The team at Afsal Solicitors brings with it in depth knowledge and a wealth of experience of dealing with a range of complex legal matters.
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When a business faces legal trouble it can have huge implications on how it functions, even forcing it to cease trading altogether. That’s when you need the expert legal advice Afsal Solicitors can provide.

Business and Company
Our business lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients in all areas of Business
Commercial Litigation
While all businesses have to constantly worry about things like cash.
Business Immigration Law
Business immigration law and criteria set out by the Home Office is complex.
Commercial Property
When buying or selling commercial property, Afsal Solicitors can help.


Afsal Solicitors can advise you on all sorts of problems, from employment and immigration rights to road traffic laws and other crimes. Whatever legal problem you have, our team of friendly expert solicitors will always keep you reassured.

Immigration Law
Afsal Solicitors can advise you on the various ways of entering the UK.
Civil Litigation and Disputes
Afsal Solicitors can help you find a resolution to a number of different disputes.
Most people in the UK do not have an up-to-date will.
Conveyancing and Residential Property
Whether you are a first time buyer or are looking to add to a property portfolio.
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Getting in touch with Afsal Solicitors is Easy

We have a dedicated helpline – you can call our Head Office main switchboard number on

01234 56 78 90


And we can help answer your legal query or connect you to the relevant team. Or alternatively you can e-mail us at:


Expert legal advice for your confidence in the future


We are strongly convinced that clients’ support & appreciation are the best reward

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