Short Feature Film for World Environment Ocean Day Summer 2017

Short Feature Film for World Environment Ocean Day Summer 2017

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“Malama”- Short Feature Film for World Environment and Ocean Day

Summer 2017

“Malama” is a modern myth, inspired by the Kumo Lipo-the Hawaiian creation chant and the revered character of Hina, who is considered the mother of the coral reef, the protector of the fishers, the messenger of the moon, and in many cases, the voice of the ocean in the native Hawaiian tradition. Natural Intelligence Media shot the film following the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, where US President Obama declared the expansion of more than 582,000 square-miles of land and sea around the Hawaiian islands, quadrupling the size of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

“Malama” is an invitation for everyone to assume our naturally intelligent stewardship responsibly for our blue ocean commons- to learn more about its vast biodiversity, to expand the MPAs, to fish responsibly, to reduce the plastics pollution, to repair the coral reefs… to personally connect to our world’s oceans. We protect what we love.

Malama For Ocean Protection.

Malama For World Environment Day.

Catherine Cunningham
Catherine Cunningham, PhD

Since 2007, Catherine has led Eikosphere.LLC – delivering development strategies, communications, interactive media, photography galleries, and short films on social, environmental issues for world leaders in business and government committed to the integrated bottom line. She launched in 2015 a new lifestyle brand called Natural Intelligence to promote the human+nature connection and healthy living. She is now producing a series of short films with Natural Intelligence Media, entitled Earth Legends for global clients starting in 2016-2017. Catherine has travelled, wrote, photographed in 67 countries; interviewed 100’s of thought leaders on Global Change for Eikosphere’s creative, strategic, media projects and Nature’s Reflection Photography (since 2004).

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