Curating Naturally Intelligent Human Spaces to Enhance Human-Human Interaction and Wellness

Our goal is to curate fit-for-purpose installations of our visual art for clients — To optimize the experience of staff, clients, partners, executives in your environment; Inspiring greater trust, loyalty, happiness among all; leading to greater client-customer- corporate wellness, success, and prosperity.

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Wellness Professionals
In Naturopathic Medicine, Ophthalmology, Immunology, Mental Health, Nutrition
Our Therapeutic Art Specialists are more than just medical doctors, healthcare professionals, wellness and fitness practitioners. We are professional women, led by a vision to improve mental, spiritual, physical health and wellness in our society.
Creative Intuitive Designers
Interior Design Experts, LEED AP, BD&C
Our Therapeutic Art Specialists are more than just creative interior designers. We combine class, curiosity, creativity, and collaborative approaches to curate the most inspiring collection of images that reinforce your company values, visions, and top priority aspirations for ideally interacting with your clients.
Compassionate Curators
Fine Art Professionals
Our Therapeutic Art Specialists are more than just curators of lovely, soothing physical spaces. We are also a collection of women, committed to various healing arts and integrated nutrition, environmental wellbeing; so our installation suggestions are informed by multiple streams of intelligence.
In Our Human Spaces


We are therapeutic art specialists designing innovative, inspiring environments. Optimizing the experience of everyone in your company ecosystem, taking the leap to greater health and wellness.

About Us
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Nature’s Reflection Therapeutic Art Specialists

Excellence Begins with a Talented Team, Dedicated to Health and Wellness




Since 2007, Catherine has led Eikosphere.LLC – delivering development strategies, communications, interactive media, photography galleries, and short films on social, environmental issues for world leaders in business and government committed to the UN Global Goals. She launched in 2015 a new lifestyle brand called Natural Intelligence to promote the human+nature connection and healthy living. She is now producing Spotlight Films with Natural Intelligence Media for global clients starting in 2016-2017. Catherine has travelled, wrote, photographed in 67 countries; interviewed 100’s of thought leaders on Global Change for Eikosphere’s creative, strategic, media projects and Nature’s Reflection Photography (since 2004). In 2015, she refreshed Nature’s Reflection Photography Gallery, re-launching a Limited Edition of 200 Images with Fine Art Imaging. She taught masters courses in sustainability and corporate communications at Arizona State University as well, Environmental Science and Global Sustainability at Chapman University. Catherine earned a PhD in Ecology; studying climate impacts on mountains at ETHZ, Switzerland. Before ETHZ she taught biology, ecology, environmental science at Denver State College and worked as an Ecologist for Boulder, Colorado. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MS from Utah State in Ecology.

Patricia LIscio received her Bachelor of Science in Urban & Regional Planning in Toronto, Canada. She has a professional background as a project manager developing open air retail shopping centers, working directly with urban planners and city council; managing planners, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and all other disciplines associated with land development.

Her town planning studies in Australia initially opened her mind to the possibilities of sustainable planning and planted a seed for potential future direction. This led her to became LEED BD&C accredited when she settled down in Southern California. This, combined with her previous work in retail spaces, and her continued studies with the US Green Building Council, deepened her interest in the interior design of human spaces, in all aspects of life. She further appreciates the effect of physical spaces, both internal – homes, offices, businesses and retail spaces – and external – the feel of a neighborhood or city – and how they affect one’s overall wellbeing, mindset, energy levels, focus and productivity.

Patricia’s passion for cities, development and travel have taken her exploring, working or studying through Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands, through Italy, Spain and France, Singapore, Canada and the United States, and backpacking through China, India, and Southeast Asia. This exploration of other cultures, cities, and neighborhoods, with an aim to gain a realistic sense of what breathes life into these environments, brought to light how nature is valued, and human spaces are designed to incorporate natural elements. Patricia values holistic wellness and aims to incorporate balanced nutrition, yoga, meditation and various forms of physical exercise into her daily life, in addition to the laughter and love which comes along with nurturing her twin boys.

Working with Nature’s Reflection is a natural progression/a logical next step to expand on Patricia’s desire to help others experience the benefits of integrating nature into their everyday lives.

Dr. Anne Marie Fine is the founder and CEO of Fine Natural Products, LLC, a doctor owned company dedicated to providing organic, botanical and vitamin-based skin care solutions that feed and nourish the skin. Dr. Fine is a practicing doctor, award-winning researcher, author, and highly sought after national and international speaker based in Newport Beach, California. Her unique expertise in environmental medicine and formulation has enabled her to combine epigenetics and environmental medicine to permit genes to express their quintessential beauty quotient. As a doctor specializing in environmental medicine formulating her own anti-aging toxin fee skin care products, Dr. Fine is especially sensitive to the weighty effects of today’s myriad chemical ingredients on developing fetuses, babies, children and adults.

Dr. Fine’s passion is to formulate elegant, eco-conscious, anti-aging products that are “totally clean, truly organic, and actually work”. Her products, articles, and educational seminars represent her lifelong commitment to unlocking both the secrets and the science of aging beautifully. Dr. Anne Marie Fine NMD, CPA, graduated with high academic honors from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.




As a young girl in Chile, Lula Flores became interested in drawing and spent her young adulthood studying sculpture, painting and drawing at the UNIVERSITY OF CHILE, and later in the UNIVERSITY OF VALPARAISO. After emigrating to the United States, she attended PIERCE COLLEGE in Southern California to continue her art studies.  Lula excelled in life drawing, graphic design, illustration, sculpture, painting and photography. She was awarded the Dean’s Honors list for her hard work and creative visions. She was also honored by professors from other universities at her first exhibition, winning first prize for her work in both, abstract and figure drawing categories. Since then Lula has sold her paintings in various high-end galleries as well as to several private collections and celebrities. Her artistic side not only reflects in her paintings and sculptures, but in life itself.  Because of Lula’s pursuit for the depths of the creative world, in her idea there is only one creation and different media to express art. In this search she has found different ways to express it, such as designing high-end furniture, custom interior design, and stage design besides other forms of creativity have been her logical and spiritual way of expressing her art on a day-to-day basis. In her world there are no limitations to express herself.

Kathi de Luca is a lead sales manager for Immunalysis Corporation. Her company develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay reagents for the screening of Drugs of Abuse and other small molecules in a variety of biological matrices. The company draws upon its expertise in organic chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, assay development and quality control, to supply immunoassay reagents and validated automation options. This combination provides a forensic toxicologist with powerful complete drug screening solutions to meet the challenges demanded by alternative matrices. She is eager to work with Nature’s Reflection because she sees the real opportunity to use visual art as a healing tool for people in recovery, rehabilitation and life transition to keep them focused on their goal of returning to full health and happiness.

Dr. Careen Caputo graduated with her Doctorate of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) in Fullerton, California in 1992, after completing a BS in Visual Science from SCCO. Dr. Caputo received specialized training in low vision at the Center for the Partially Sighted in Santa Monica as well as rotations in ocular disease at the SCCO clinic and the Fort Ord Army base in Monterey Bay, California. She has extensive experience in primary care optometry including contact lenses, dry eye disease and pre-and post-operative care.

Dr. Caputo is therapeutically certified to manage and treat ocular conditions, and glaucoma, receiving her glaucoma certification from University of Berkeley School of Optometry. Her professional background includes experience working in large multidisciplinary group practices, and her own private practice in Hollister, California. Dr. Caputo is nearing the completion of a Master’s in Public Health in Global Health Leadership through Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, where she conducted research in an underserved community to inform and develop educational materials to increase awareness of diabetic retinopathy in a Latino population with diabetes.

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Barbara Campbell was the office manager for Eikosphere Foundation campaigns, events, and programs. She served as the executive director for the Great Bay Area Union Signatory Contractor Association and Advertising Trust in Northern California. As well, she represented the Contractor Association at State and National Conventions. Barbara served as a Trustee on the Health, Welfare, & Pension Trust for Pipefitters and Steamfitters, while serving the Board of Directors for the Union Contractor’s Association. As the director she coordinated advertising for trade shows, radio programs, and print publications. Barbara has always served her community, giving to organizations like; Helping Hands, Whole Access, Rotary, Maryknoll, Salesians, or Catholic Charities. Now with Nature’s Reflection, she aims to open the door of opportunity for our Therapeutic Art to serve health and wellness centers and help make patients feel safe, calm, and assured they are on their path to recovery and greater wellness.


Wellness Focus

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Unique Environment

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Comments from Clients

Testimonial by Dr. McDowell
Our clients are like family; and we want them to have the best dental experience with us, so we have evolved our office and treatment rooms into a wellness center (dental spa). Catherine's beautiful imagery graces our space and our clients have taken notice. We appreciate her beautiful work and vision and look forward to her growing success.
Dr. McDowell
Rated Marin California's Top Dentist
Testimonial by Chris Guaty
As a business owner dedicated to the health & wellness of my clients, I am thrilled that Catherine and her team are introducing her beautiful artwork to the fitness community as an added value to enhance the environment and the experience of our clients in our work-out space. It's just brilliant. Congrats on your new beginning!
Chris Guaty
Founder, Freedom Ride

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